RookieOven aims to create a vibrant startup community in Scotland. Our founder led activities are to help founders succeed in their business. Want to get involved?

Welcome to RookieOven

Scotland is the perfect place to nurture and develop your tech startup. Our country has the potential to build world class companies, with our proud history of innovation and stacks of talent across the nation. We bring the sector together with events and give a platform online to share our successes.
Here at RookieOven, we believe in the power of our local talent. Scotland is home to so many innovative people doing incredible things in the tech space and beyond. Our work is focused on nurturing the community and helping it achieve the recognition it deserves.

RookieOven strives to help both potential and existing founders, whilst working to provide the next generation of tech talent the boost it needs to get started. By bringing the community together, we can create a stronger ecosystem for tech in Scotland.

The RookieOven meetup is a monthly opportunity for the local startup community to get together in a relaxed environment. There are no talks, presentations or set agendas - just great conversations between Scottish startup founders, employees and enthusiasts.