Supporters of FetLor Youth Club

A youth club serving the amazing young people in North Edinburgh. This is the supporters community.

Welcome to Supporters of FetLor Youth Club

The Club’s primary focus is to provide a range of open youth work provisions, operated on a ‘drop in’ basis. Any young person who would like to can attend, some periodically throughout the year, others up to 4 times a week. Once young people are known to staff, they are offered a range of targeted activities and interventions, designed to meet their needs. These are strengths-based and focus on developing the skills and attributes of young people. 

All opportunities at the Club continue to be offered free of charge to all young people, to ensure that money isn’t a barrier to access. Due to the nature of the Club’s location and its history in the local area, the majority of the young people who attend are from areas of socio-economic deprivation in the north of the city. The longer term goal is to improve social mobility for young people from all backgrounds by offering support to develop the skills, knowledge and networks they need to access and take advantage of opportunities.