Before you go on exploring, here are three things to know:

Yes! If you've got an idea for a community you'd love to get started, Community Lab is the perfect test bed to find new members and grow your community.

Privacy is key - you decide the visibility of your community & conversations.

This is a place to learn, grow, struggle and experiment.

1. Pick a community

To get started join any open Gen community, and apply for the closed ones.

2. Create an account

Next, we’ll ask you to create your account and choose how you’d like to stay updated.

3. Get involved

Say ‘Hello’ to your new community, and start taking part in discussions and events.

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Heartstrings Writing Club

A writing club for shameless softies. Memoir, poetry and hybrid/experimental ...

1 members
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Supporters of FetLor Youth Club

A youth club serving the amazing young people in North Edinburgh. This is the...

17 members
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Glasgow Tech Founders

A group for tech founders based in Glasgow. As a community we can do a lot to...

7 members
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Greyhope Stories Community Space

Curating and identifying stories that connect to our themes to form the basis...

19 members
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Digital for Good

Uniting the power of digital in the service of humanity

6 members
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The global health pandemic, economic crisis, and racial justice uprisings hav...

3 members
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Impact Investment Symposium

4 members
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Retail Banks UK

For companies wishing to sell to banks. For mentors with networks in the sam...

1 members
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BRT JC Community

[STAGING] A space for Bright Red Triangle Junior Consultants to plan, connect...

17 members
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No matching communities

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Complete the template for your community.


Populate your Community

Invite members and use the spaces, events and management tools to create great experiences for your Community


We're here to help

We want to help you make amazing communities. There are a number of ways we can help from help with copywriting to help expressing the story of your community. Get in touch with us.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Community Lab?
Community Lab is a collaborative platform for communities. Whether you're running a community and want to grow, or looking to join a community and want to collaborate, we've got the space for you.
Who is Community Lab?
Community Lab is built by community builders. Our team is made up of Andrew, Briony, Michael, Milosz & Natalia.
Why did you build Community Lab?
There's other places out there for communities to exist, but each platform is missing a piece of the puzzle. Community Lab brings the essential tools together for running (and being a part of) a community, and combines them with the ability to discover & collaborate with other communities.
Can I join a community?
Yes! We'd love you to join a community. Browse our communities to see what appeals to you.
Can I create my own community?
Yes! If you've got an idea for a community you'd love to get started, Community Lab is the perfect test bed to find new members and grow your community.

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