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Building a business or testing an idea? Creating a movement or want a discussion? Hosting an event or a casual meetup? Whatever your purpose, CommunityLab is the place to start.

Connect the dots

“Through the Zebras Unite Scotland community we have a platform to debate business and social impact with other mission-led business owners.”

DaisyZebras Unite Scotland
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Be discovered

“Community Lab is a great discovery platform for our community. Beforehand, we felt invisible but now we have connections and reach so much wider than just our members.”

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Make an impact

“Our community of builders (aptly called Community Builders) allows people with common challenges to connect and collaborate to overcome them like never before.”

BrionyCommunity Builders
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Build & promote your community

Growing a community is tough - we know. Use our spaces to tell your story, find your audience and build your community. Ask our team to help get your message out there.

Create great experiences

Take advantage of our flexible architecture to start discussions, collaborate on projects, showcase members or host events.

Keep the momentum going

Make an event the start of a journey. Keep the discussion going, the thinking deeper and the action stronger.

Made by community builders. Free for everyone.

Know it's built for you

Community Lab was founded by a team of community builders and activits who learned how to build thirving communities. Together, we’re making the key tools available to everyone.

Bridging online and offline

We found real vibrancy is in the bridge between how your communities engage online and offline. We built this right into the core of Community Lab.

Less is more

Experience simplicity. Community Lab provides essential and highly flexible tools to run a successful community. For everything else, use the tools you already love.

Frequently asked questions

What is Community Lab?
Community Lab is a collaborative platform for communities. Whether you're running a community and want to grow, or looking to join a community and want to collaborate, we've got the space for you.
Who is Community Lab?
Community Lab is built by community builders. Our team is made up of Andrew, Briony, Michael, Milosz & Natalia.
Why did you build Community Lab?
There's other places out there for communities to exist, but each platform is missing a piece of the puzzle. Community Lab brings the essential tools together for running (and being a part of) a community, and combines them with the ability to discover & collaborate with other communities.
Can I join a community?
Yes! We'd love you to join a community. Browse our communities to see what appeals to you.
Can I create my own community?
Yes! If you've got an idea for a community you'd love to get started, Community Lab is the perfect test bed to find new members and grow your community.

Get started by browsing our communities and joining your first one!

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