Andrew Barrie 13th November 2019
In previous posts we have highlighted why we set up CommunityLab and how we plan to make a difference. Here we explain what we will do.

Core to our strategy is helping build vibrant, connected, collaborative communities. There are many types of community, each with its specific purpose and membership. For great examples and classification of purposes have a look at Feverbee here

Whatever the purpose, we want to arm you with the tools, resources and support to make your community as successful as it can be.

A Digital Foundation

The foundation of what we offer is our App. We have worked with many community builders to create a flexible architecture that can meet your needs. We know it is critical to reflect your community strategy in the architecture. 

Configuration can help you build a community open to the world or make your fires intense, the experience more private. As well as managing your community you can create spaces to be configured to experience that:

·       Allows members to share knowledge.
·       Showcases members, their ideas and needs.
·       Creates modular learning to scale your reach and impact.
·       Encourages collaboration.
·       Manages and supercharges event. Deepening their impact.

Communicate with members using our notifications, alerts and direct messaging. Discover and collaborate with other communities through our search facility.

Supercharging your Community

Of course, creating truly successful communities is not just about having a great platform. It’s complicated. What experiences do you want to create? What content do we include? How do we intervene? What does success look like? How can we use data to help inform and manage? How do unlock conversations, create trusted spaces, collaborate, build impact?

We want to help address all these challenges.

To that end we are creating our own support for prospective Community Builders and Organisers. 

We will mentor you on the journey. We will facilitate a community of peers, sharing their experiences, tapping into their knowledge. Together, we will work through the steps to success. 

Step 1: Get deeper. Get clearer on purpose, success and the experience you want to create.

Step 2: Get moving. Test and refine the idea. Get noticed. Create a space in Firefly – our community for people just like you.

Step 3: Tell the story. Develop your storytelling skills. What media, structure, message?

Step 4: Supporting communities. Access your data, attend our monthly webinars.

Step 5: Supporting individuals. Give back. Support others and join our mentor desk.

Want to get started? Join other Community Builders here.

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