Andrew Barrie 30th October 2019
Last year I drafted my first ever blog post. I was a reflecting on a time in my career when everyone thought I was successful, but I felt isolated. At breaking point. Dead eyes. I see the same look in others around me now. People trying to make stuff, be creative, build a better world. Struggling.

At the time I said that I would commit my energy and focus to making a difference for them. So here goes.                         

There is so much cool stuff going on. We are surrounded by amazing people. But it is not connected, there is little visibility or signposting. Sometimes our ecosystem, the actors and landscape we operate in, condition us poorly. We are missing places of trust, where we can learn, experiment, collaborate, fail. 

Pretty quickly others joined. Michael and Chris trying to bring Scottish tech startups together and promote their innovative work in Rookie Oven; Briony supporting indie businesses in their digital marketing efforts, Natalia working with prospective community builders, Angus mobilising students with The Tomorrow Network.

There are also the "Fireflies". People with a story to tell, an idea to gel, or a product to sell. Looking for help. Knowledge & Experience. Rachel Arthur and Rachael Brown, Alex Porter-Smith of High Tide, Rebecca protecting lone workers. There are no bounds to their ambition or their needs.

So this is where we have got to. CommunityLab. A place to grow, connect and collaborate. And now we want to invite you to join us. 

Tags #mentalhealth #ecosystem #community #startup #why

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