7 Ways our Ecosystem could better serve Scottish Business

Andrew Barrie 30th October 2019
In my previous blog I set out some reasons why I think we are failing Scottish business. In the next 2 blogs I will look at how the steps we could take to improve the ecosystem and what I personally will contribute.

Whilst the points I will cover relate to different actors in the ecosystem, the biggest challenge for everyone is the first:

1.       Create a culture driven by entrepreneurs. Harness the experience, voices and needs of our community to better shape the experiences we create. 
2.       Collect and share the data that will help us all understand what works. Use that data to influence behaviour, prioritise funding and signpost the community. We already have great examples in Scotland, such as cancer care, where we used data to bring order, process and effectiveness to a fragmented ecosystem 
3.       Focus on tools and approaches for building resilient businesses and founders – not just pitching for investment or winning prizes. 
4.       Support programmes should rethink incentives. With limited capital, is the right approach to give awards to a few individuals (who are probably still early in their development) or should we use these funds to better benefit all the members of a programme? 
5.       Broaden the concept and scope of entrepreneurship. Where possible we need to more inclusive of those who look to join our start up communities.
6.       Build bridges to other key networks and communities. For example, using agents such as the Institute of Directors to connect with industry and commerce, university alumni to access global experience, banks to meet future clients.
7.       Free GlobalScot. GlobalScot is a Government initiative that aims to connect business with a network of over 800 Scottish diaspora. It is a brilliant concept – but it is struggling in the hands of the public sector, frustrating both members and potential beneficiaries. Turn it over to a body that can make it work. This is an example of where Government needs to be clear on its role.

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